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HighTechnologyClub ( HTC ), initiated and hosted by OFweek-a China high-tech industry portal, is a China high-tech leadership platform. All members of HTC are the leaders and elites of the high-tech industries, which include IoT, AI, Smart Health, Intelligent Hardware, Smart Equipment, Robot, Drones, Electric Automobile, Self-driving, Smart Lighting, New Energy, New Material, Cloud Computing, Big Data, TMT, Semiconductor and other high-tech fields, as well as top management from the investment and financing sector, associations, various social groups and government agencies.

The Fellow Member of HTC is a group of visionary and transformative representatives of China high-tech industry, consists of various industry leaders, well-known investors and academic authorities from China high-tech industry; and they have a unique entrepreneurial experience and management ideas; they get business success by respecting and complying with the market discipline; they carry the spirit of enterprise and bear social responsibility, their enterprises are the leaders of high-tech industries, and they are the forefront industry representatives in China and the world.

HTC is a platform for Chinese high-tech leaders to exchange and cooperate with each other, with the aim of providing a communication bridge between high-tech investors, researchers, participants, senior managers and entrepreneurs; at the same time, providing members with lectures, training, discussion, communication and social networking.

HTC realizes the core values of members through organizing a series of theme activities Moreover , And HTC takes a strict recommendation system, real name registration system and membership system.

High Technology Club Theme Activities

  • Leader Annual Conference

    During OFweek High-tech Conference each year in the middle of November, HTC will invite more than 200 visionary and transformative high-tech industry leaders, political representatives, investment and academic sector representatives as well as the mainstream media representatives to attend the annual conference.

  • Theme Exploration

    Each year, HTC organizes various forms of theme exploration activities from time to time, so that members can have access to the most representative and influential industry leaders in China and the world, pay visit to the enterprise on site and learn, as well as have discussion and communication with enterprise top management. Focusing on the problem solving, members can have in-depth interactive communications, research, and guided, commented and summarized by experts and scholars.

  • Financing and Project road-shows Conference

    HTC holds an investment and financing theme summit each year and a high-tech project investment and financing road-shows activity each month; and it will select dozens of high-quality high-tech project road-show each time. Members can participate in road-shows activities, looking for investment opportunities, and can participate in screening and recommending excellent high-tech projects to participate in the road-shows.

  • HTC Membership Day

    It will be regularly held every month, and set up different keynote speeches, training, interaction sessions to give members opportunities of sharing and learning!

  • Lecture and Training

    HTC holds inspiring lectures by industry leaders, famous experts and scholars as well as business leaders every month, and provides business intelligence, strategic thinking, global CEO thinking and other model trainings that high-tech managers need during operation, as well as investment and financing training, development trend analysis, the latest industry research report, investment strategy and investment analysis and other special trainings.

  • Private Advisory Board

    HTC organizes members to set up various research groups, private advisory boards and regular activities, so as to establish mutual learning and assistance between members.

  • High-end Industry Conference and Salon

    Members can attend OFweek industry summit and leader salon activities related to high-tech industry vertical fields as VIP.

  • More Activities

    HTC will recommend members to attend all kinds of high-tech high-end activities all around the world, and provide interaction and cooperation opportunities through various theme salons and group visits for its members; so that members can have face to face communication with top industry leaders and form high value relationship during the arranged activities.

High Technology Club Membership Qualification

  • Have a positive, optimistic, healthy and responsible values of life, the pursuit of growth, love learning, and willing to share;

  • The enterprise should be engaged in industry or career that is good for the society, and with no major violations of laws and regulations two years before joining HTC.

  • High-tech industry managers, scholars, experts, investors, and be the founder, chairman, CEO / president or vice president of the enterprises and institutions;

  • In order to protect the rights and interests of members, HTC will take a strict real name system and membership system;

  • The enterprise and institution should be established more than two years ago, and the previous year revenue should reach a certain amount, or should the enterprise have high growth potential in the future in the emerging industries; the managed fund of those investment enterprises should be more than one billion Yuan;

  • Pay the membership fee, recognize and fulfill the "HTC Member Rules” and other institutional rules applicable to HTC members.

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